Friday, September 27, 2013

Technology Night

Technology class 

September 26 @ 7pm

1) How to use your devices,  (Stephanie, Kelly, Cindy)
2) Social media -Facebook, Blogging,, etc. - Marilyn and Ashlee,
3) Photo editing w/Picasa & Digital Scrap Booking - teaching: Heidi and Jenny,
4) Using Technology for Good- teaching: Bishop

children's class available

 Thank you to ALL those that came, and ALL those that helped with teaching the various classes! Also a HUGE THANK YOU to my board! You girl's are AMAZING!!

Here is a link to what the Bishop shared with us!

 'Using Technology for Good'

Betty shared some information with us last Sunday -
Johnson County Community College offers some "Introduction to Computers" classes for beginners that are geared towards the 50+ but all adults are welcome! "Whether you have received a new iPad, want to learn more about software such as Windows 7 or Microsoft Office, or are eager to learn how to edit photos and videos," this is a fantastic place to start!
You can visit for course dates and to register, or if you have questions you can call 913-469-3891 or email

I hope you all enjoyed the evening and learned a lot! Here is the list of people's favorite apps that I put together. Thanks to all those who contributed!  Some of them are free, and some cost money.  I'm also not entirely sure what is available for android vs. apple, so you'll just have to search! Good luck, I hope you enjoy!!

Apps List

Business Stuff -
-Bank Apps
-iallowance – chore/allowance tracking
-YNAB- zero budgeting software like Dave Ramsey’s
-Everest – tracks goals and dreams
-Evernote – organizes notes, lists, photos, voice reminders
-Drop Box- storage in the cloud for photos, documents, videos
-Cloud on – write up word docs and excel files
- Google drive
-Square Reader – for sales

Photo Stuff-
-project 365 – pic per day for a year
-Capture – upload videos to YouTube from mobile phone
-pic stitch

-cozi – family calendar
-calenmob – links with google calendars

-Johnson County Library
-Kindle App – read books on other devices, many for very cheap

-LDS tools
-LDS music
-Mormon channel
-LDS scriptures
-LDS laughs
-LDS ensign
-LDS friend
-Book of Mormon Stories
-LDS coloring book
-LDS scripture citation index
Music –
-Sound cloud – upload own songs, listen to music
-Amazon – bar scanner then search web
-QR Reader – bar scanner then search web

-Google map
-Scout – gps
-GPS Drive

Misc. Stuff-
-Great Clips online check-in
-Weather channel- hourly weather tracking
-Yahoo! Weather            
-Sleep machine – calm crying babies
-Map my run
-out of milk – grocery shopping list
-all recipes -
-Repair pal – car maintenance
-Gas buddy – find cheapest gas

Games/Kid’s Stuff-
-nighty night – kids book
-disney channel
-coloring and scribble
-kids doodle
-crazy dentist
-toca games
-read me stories
-There's a Monster at the End of This Book
-kids zone – games w/lock

October we will be having our Service Auction!!
November we'll have a guest speaker as well as a RS Temple night!!
December will be our Christmas Dinner!!

We look forward to seeing you there,
RS Activity Committee
any questions, contact Ashlee Dunlap

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