Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September RS Week Night Meeting

Hello Ladies! Here are a few notes from our Weekly RS Meeting this month.


Sister Jenny Staggs talked with us about the importance of a journal. A few quotes she shared are ~

So we ask you again to do the things that we have suggested, brothers and sisters, such as keeping up your homes and writing in your journals. Every person should keep a journal and every person can keep a journal. It should be an enlightening one and should bring great blessings and happiness to the families. If there is anyone here who isn’t doing so, will you repent today and change—change your life?  From Spencer W. Kimball (1979 General Conference)





“Writing can help you express some of the emotions—until you can let go of the feelings, learn from the experience, and consider appropriate alternatives.”


“We examine our lives as we come to know ourselves through our journals,” says Sister Bell. “Even if you take your journal and go back a year, you learn things about yourself you didn’t know at the time. You understand things about yourself. In knowledge begins real freedom of the soul and the spirit, and a real chance to be all that we can be and all that we should be.”

Sacred experiences gain validity by being recorded. Any experience assumes perspective. And seen over a period of years, a life recorded day by day and page by page assumes pattern and purpose.

“It helps you get closer in touch with the Lord’s time frame, when you can read your own intimate history over a period of months rather than days,” says Bishop Wells. “Patterns emerge, and you can see more clearly the hand of the Lord in your life. You can see how he has helped you and answered some prayers by events, not revelations, in a quiet way that escaped you in the press of circumstances.”

We then heard from Sister Stephanie Bishop about Preserving Photos DIGITALLY! If you want to dive into Digitization, it is best to find someone that knows how and ask for a bit of help to get you started. She shared a few websites and tips..Here is her handout ~


And lastly we heard from Sister Heather Laudie ~ a guest speaker, she lives on a Certified Organic Farm. They have been canning and storing their own food for up to 20 years including not only fruits and vegetables, but also dairy and meat! Heather talked about Canning and Preserving Food! She shared that the best books that give you detailed instruction are the Ball Blue Books.

“The Canning Bible” image

and other Ball books.. wanting to have the most up-to-date as possible to make sure you are following the most recent and safe canning guidelines.image

Some other tips:

~Make sure you are using proper canning jars. Lids can only be used once, and make sure to date them so you can rotate through the oldest first! Keep them in a dark, cool place! There are different ways to Boiling Water Bath vs. Pressure Cooking..based on the acidity of the food you are canning. And a great place to find farm food for cheap is to google for auctions!

Among much other information out there.. I did find this website from the Johnson County K-State Extension office that has a slide show FULL of great information! Here it is:

(The first button is a “Basic Canning Presentation” which is WONDERFUL! The extension office also has classes if you want to pay a small fee.. There is one next week on properly preserving herbs so you can use them all winter long! Deadline is today though, just FYI!)

~If canning and preserving is a daunting task and you are nervous to get started, a GREAT place to start is with your jams!

Good Luck!

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