Monday, October 18, 2010

Scripture Cover Tutorial

FIRST of all..let me tell you, I am NOT a professional seamstress. I don’t claim to be, and am not the best with coming up with patterns. However, I do seem to have a knack for seeing something and “winging it”. That being said..if you have any tips or tricks to show, I am ALL ears and eyes! :) So, lets get started!

1. One Quilt Fat cut in 1/2 lengthwise so it measures ~9” x 21 1/2”. Cut 1 piece of interfacing to measure 20” x 7 3/4”.

2. Iron fabric and then iron interfacing, adhesives side down, to the wrong side of the fabric..centering it first.


3. Fold sides of fabric over and over again to create a hem, the second time folding it over the end of the interfacing. Sew down the two short sides.

4. Make corners by folding it into a triangle, then down and down again…




The last fold, again..folding over the edge of the interfacing.(The triangle will fold down the second time as well) Do this to all the corners. Then fold the edge down twice (creating a hem) and sew along the top and bottom.


Should look like this when done!


5. Cut your piece of ribbon. Find the center and the center of your fabric and make one stitch down the center. Put it over your scriptures temporarily and measure the ribbon out to the sides and stitch again. Part of the fabric will turn in to be the inside cover, make sure you don’t stitch your ribbon to that part.


once the ribbon is stitched, turn the sides in on your scriptures again to measure how far in the need to go to be even for the front and back cover. Stitch w/a 1/8” top and bottom of front and back cover.


Scriptures should slide right in!


Add a rosette to the front if you want, and viola!



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